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1.47sPeter, if you want to stay here, that's fine.
1.95sBut we're going to the party. Kids!
0.23sHoney, are you pregnant?
4.02sOh, dear me. Yes, Yes. This is how I wanted to enter the new millennium.
1.8sLocked in a basement with imbeciles,
2.3sdressed like a gay Neil Armstrong.
0.83sThanks a lot, Peter.
1.27sright now I could be in Boston,
1.95spretending I give a rat's ass about Vivaldi.
2.38sYeah, And I could be getting felt up by Kevin.
2.34snow Meg, don't you give it all away up front.
2.15sMake him work for it.
1.4sAnd shame on you, Peter.
2.84sScaring the kids with your nuclear- holocaust nonsense.
2.13sYou said "nuclear."
2.17sIt's "nucular," dummy. The "S" is silent.
1.77sIt's almost midnight.
3.37sWe now go live to Asian reporter, Trisha Takanawa.
1.67sTrisha, what can you tell us?
6.34sDiane, Quahog's fabled alabaster clam is about to descend and usher in a new millennium.
2.32s10, 9, 8...
1.07sThis is it!
3.1s...6, 5, 4...