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1.7sPeter, you've been down there all day.
1.52sI hope you're already-- Ahh!
2.34sOh, my God! The government is here!
1.07sRun, E.T., run!
1.32sThe end of the world is coming.
1.72sNow come on, Get in your radiation suits.
2.75sPeter, we are not missing a once-in- a-lifetime event,
1.93sbecause of some wacko doomsday theory.
1.43sOk, Ok.
1.3sHey, uh, you guys.
1.67sYou know that one Christmas present
1.57syou really wanted but didn't get?
1.17sA phone? A pony?
1.45s- A humidor? - A dead Lois?
2.14sYeah. Well, It's in the basement. Come on. Let's go see.
1.35sMy own phone!
2.53sI'm gonna name him Sparky, and then I'm gOnna get hIm...
1.28sWhat the hell?
1.47sPeter, if you want to stay here, that's fine.
1.95sBut we're going to the party. Kids!
0.23sHoney, are you pregnant?
4.02sOh, dear me. Yes, Yes. This is how I wanted to enter the new millennium.
1.8sLocked in a basement with imbeciles,
2.3sdressed like a gay Neil Armstrong.
0.83sThanks a lot, Peter.
1.27sright now I could be in Boston,
1.95spretending I give a rat's ass about Vivaldi.
2.38sYeah, And I could be getting felt up by Kevin.