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2.23sAre you crazy? You destroyed all our water pipes?
2.29sWe don't need guns! We need food and water!
1.12sI have a canker sore on my lip!
2sAnd I keep poking at it with my tongue!
1.63sBut that's only making it worsE!
2.1sLook, There's a reason I'm in charge here, all right?
2.07sI'm the one who knew the world was gonna end.
3.04sI'm the one who found the Twinkee factory and started this town.
2.38sAnd I'm the one who gave elocution lessons to Rosie Perez.
1.82sThat's nothin' to be proud of!
3.27sDon't be stupid! She speak good and everything!
2.34sLet's get him! Throw him out!
2sWait! We can work this out!
4.75sJeez, I haven't been thrown out of any place since I was a counselor at the bulimia clinic.
3.1sAw, Man, did anybody else throw up after eating that fish last night?