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3.9sHoney, Mommy's making you some new feetie pajamas.
3.94sAnd look, it has a little trap door for when you gotta make inky.
1.82sI'll show you inky!
1.45sLet's see if they fit, hmm?
1.53sHa, ha, ha!
2.57sLook at me! I'm Fred Astaire!
3.14sGotcha. Oh, You are gettin' heavy.
3.85sI'm gonna have your father flood the basement so you can get some more exercise.
2.9sYes, Yes. I do seem to have gained a bit of girth.
1.83sActually, my gullet seems to be rumbling.
1.52sAh! There we are.
1.83sOh, I say. I've laid an egg!
1.57sOh, That wasn't so bad.
3.47sI don't know what these women are always complaining abouT-- Ahh!
2sAttention, New quahogians.
3.54sToday, my vision for our future comes true.