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2.54sa snooty butler, carpeted Carports,
2.24sthose blue cupcakes they sell sometimes--
3.1sBut you'll get killed! Marge! Will you let me finish?
3.44sPlug-in room deodorizers, front and rear spoilers for the car.
4sMom's right, Dad. The odds against you winning are a thousand to one.
2.2sWell, I don't think it's that unlikely.
2sThose are the odds they're givin' in Vegas.
4.17sAll right, I think we've heard just about enough from Mr. Newspaper today.
3.67sSociety put Drederick Tatum away for his brutal crime.
5.27sBut he's paid his debt, and now he's going to get revenge...
1.98son Homer Simpson.
3.52sThat's your daddy.