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3.42sYou're gonna have to go easy on it.
2.94sOh, it's good to be back after all these weeks.
2.17sBetter check our answering machine.
3.27sNumber of messages received: zero.
3.89sWe really want to thank you, Mr. Simpson.
1.9sAh, no problem, guys.
5.29sThe important thing is that we wrapped up all the loose ends.
4.19sSo, in conclusion, good luck on tomorrow's big final exam.
1.94sExam? Oh!
3.05sThis is just like one of those bad dreams!
2.77sWhat are you gonna do, Mr. Simpson?
2.47sActually, I've been working on a plan.
2.45sDuring the exam, I'll hide under some coats...
2.7sand hope that somehow everything will work out.
5.25sOr with our help, you can cram like you've never crammed before!