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2.8sSorry, Bart, but you've gotta take some things seriously.
2.2sFrom now on, you're Lisa's coanchor.
2.5sWhat? Ooh, that's gotta hurt.
1.77sAnchorman, huh?
3.34sWell, if I'm gonna be an anchorman, I better go bleach the crud off my teeth.
2.37sI'll be in makeup.
2.67sI don't need a coanchor. I'm a straight-A student.
2.44sLisa, Bart's got something you can't learn in school--
2.3s"zazz." What is "zazz"?
2.7s"Zing," "zork," "kapowza"-- Call it what you want.
2.7sIn any language it spells mazuma in the bank.
2.54s"Zork"? What is "zork"? I didn't say "zork"?
2.1sThe point is the camera loves him.
2.74sBut that trivializes the whole idea of Kidz Newz.
1.67sI mean, let's be honest.
2.2sBart's not exactly the brightest penny in the fountain.
2.23sIn English, Lisa.
2.57sDamn blueberry stains.
4.4sLook. I love Bart, but he's never even read a newspaper.
2.37sBetween you and me, he's, well,
2.17skind of dumb.