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2.4sYou know, Fry, I really like hanging out with you.
2.07sEverything was going great.
3.55sThen all of a sudden, she's talking about hanging out.
0.93sHanging out?
1.63sShe's getting way too serious.
1.8sI'm not a one-woman man, Leela.
2.05sYou'll be back to zero soon enough.
1.94sDon't you get it? She's smothering me.
1.1sYou see? You see?
1.83sNow she's bothering me when I'm at work.
1.28sI'm doing my job-- There's Amy.
2.07sI spend a few hours selecting a candy from the machine--
1.2sThere's Amy.
1.6sI wake up the morning after sleeping with Amy--
1.1sThere's Amy.
1.63sI think you're overreacting.
0.83sAm I?
1.19sAm I?!
1.55sFace it. I'm a prize catch.
2sI mean, I'm pulling down delivery-boy money.
3.2sFry, she's pulling down billionaire trust-fund money.
2sThen she wants me as a trophy husband.
2.07sLeela, you gotta come to Europa with us.
1.5sI can't be alone with her.
2.65sSo, ready for a secluded picnic with just you and me?
3.27sHey, you know who loves secluded picnics with just you and me?