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0.93sOoh, sparks.
1.1sBuy her a rose.
1.57sI guarantee she'll put out.
3.17sAh, I'll take my chances.
1.7sSo, tell me about your prospects.
1.2sYou a good gambler?
0.75sWell, ma'am, I--
0.95sWhat's your game?
0.93sBingo? Keno?
1.12sWait a minute.
1.53sYou don't have your own body.
1.7sNo, but I control this arm.
1.23sSlots player, huh?
1.63sSorry, but I think I can do better.
2.47sWait! Come back, uh, darling.
0.98sCan't, hon.
1.77sI got to catch my bus back to Nutley.
3.34sI'd kiss you good night but I lost my teeth pulling out a stump.
7.54sSo anyways, Leela I'd love to take a whack at you but that 10:15 to Nutley ain't going nowheres without yours truly behind the wheel.