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3.19sSure. There's only one thing you need to know...
2.28sto be a great quarterback.
3.7sjoe, honey, I fixed it. It was just vapor lock.
2.59sOh. Oops. Hey, look, I gotta run.
2.4sRemember what I told you.
2.24sOkay, Bart, concentrate.
3.45sRemember what I told ya. just one thing.
2.8s- My car broke down. - I'm joe Namath.
1.93sMy car broke down.
5.14sIt was just vapor lock.
2.25sI'm dead.
2.84sSo if I play, the guys are gonna kill me.
3.55sIf I don't, I'll be letting Homer down. What am I gonna do?
1.97sWell, I know you don't want to disappoint Dad,
3.24sbut how do you feel about lying to him?
3.39sOh, you guys are so cut.
2sDad, I got some bad news.
2.74sOh, your mother's not pregnant, is she?