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2.65sScully, you're cut.
2.6sUh, Brooks, Groening, Simon, you're all cut.
2.2sCastellaneta, gone. Kavner, cut.
2.84sCartwright, cut. Smith, sorry. Cut.
3.04sAzaria and Shearer, you're cut. Firestone, you're cut. So is judge.
2.33sNamath, you stay.
2.03sAll of those people are cut.
1.93sBill Schultz and Wolf and Silverman.
2.87sGoldreyer. O'Brien, Doyle, Selman, I don't know what you--
2.84sElliott, I-- I don't know what you're doing here because you're all cut.
3.8sPietila, Bridge and "Kuwawahawa."
1.93sNow there's so many cuts here,
2.9slook, I'll just post 'em up and you just see where your name is.
2.77sOoh, look at how many cuts there are there.
2.84sOh, boy! You're cut! All of you!
1.87sHe's cut. I cut you!
2.2sShh! You're cut too, shushy!