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3.77sRemember, just 'cause their heads are off, it don't mean they're dead.
4.2sNow I can return to Ithaca and my sweet wife, Penelope.
3.04sOdysseus, do not forget to thank the gods for our victory...
1.93swith an appropriate animal sacrifice.
3.75sForget it! Sacrificing animals is barbaric.
2.62sNow have the slaves kill the wounded.
1.52sNo sacrifice?
2.54sWe'll teach that mortal to trifle with the gods.
2.73sI got it.
3.15sYou fat lush. You just destroyed Atlantis.
1.85sYou used to be fun.
4.04sWhere's the Zeus who used to turn into a cow and pick up chicks?
2.68sHe grew up. Maybe you should too.