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4.6sjust give me my gun. Sorry. The law requires a five-day waiting period.
2.1sWe've got to run a background check.
2.52sFive days? But I'm mad now!
1.97sI'd kill you if I had my gun!
1.93sYeah, well, you don't.
4.34sLousy big shot. Thinks he's so big 'cause he's got a lot of guns.
3.19sIf he didn't have any guns, I'd show him a thing or two.
2.1sWhat happens when he walks into my store?
3.09sThen we'll see who's worried about five-day waiting periods.
2.49sDad, it's 3:00 a.m.!
2.23sCan't you mutter in your room?
2.67sMarge kicked me out.
2.87sAll right. Go ahead.
3.1sPushy kids think they can tell me what to do in my house.
4.1si tell you, parents these days, they don't know how to rear children.
5.81sOh! How am I supposed to last five days without shooting something?
4.6sthe waiting is the hardest part