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2.25sWhat began as a traditional soccer riot...
3.3shas escalated into a citywide orgy of destruction.
3.24sReacting swiftly, Mayor Quimby has declared mob rule.
3.77sSo for the next several years, it's every family for itself!
1.74sEx-Ex-Excuse me, sir.
2.9sI think you've got my TV. Sir?
2.2sSomebody's gotta stop them!
1.94sLet's wait until they burn the school down.
3.64sOh, my God! Homer, they're right next door. Relax, Marge.
3.5sIf someone tries to get in here, my burglar alarm will let us know.
3sWatch the fish, Marge.
2.6sLooks like you called me just in time.
3.04sThis home isn't secure at all. What did I tell you, Marge?
2.54sIntruders could come in down the chimney, through the mail slot,
2.59seven hidden in your groceries.
2.45sDid you change the locks when you moved in? I thought not.
2.87sAll the previous owners of this house could still be in here somewhere.