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2.94sI know it's good For A boy to have a part-time Job,
3sbut I'm not sure about the people Bart's working for.
2.72sI think they're criminals. A job's a job.
3.2sIf my plant pollutes the water and poisons the town,
3.27sby your logic, that would make me a criminal.
2.18sWell, Bart's been acting very strangely,
4.7sand that pizza delivery truck has been parked across the street for two weeks.
2.8sHow long does it take to deliver a pizza?
1.93s- Our cover's blown. - Let's roll.
2.34sSee? It was all your imagination.
4.04sHomer, I want you to go down to that club and talk to them.
2.43sSee what kind of people they are.
0.49sPlease, Homie.
3.42sOh, all right.
4.74sRead 'em and weep, boys. Another pair of sixes.