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1.5sHe's got spunk.
1.7sI wonder if he is lucky also.
2.68sPick a horse, kid. Shelbyville Downs, third race.
0.32sMake it good.
1.87sEat my shorts.
2.83sEat My Shorts. Okay, let's see.
2.12sHey, wait a minute, you little punk!
3.25sEaT my shorts is in the fifth race! I said the third race!
1.8sDon't have a cow.
2.87sDon't Have a Cow in the third. Put a deuce on him.
4.02sWhile we are waiting to see how lucky you are, let me show you around.
3.95sThis is our bar, and over there is our slot machine and card tables.
2.22sBoss, here's the call for the third race.
3.44sIt's Suffering Succotash by a neck over Yabba-Dabba Do0,
2.54sAin't I a Stinker and That's All Folks.
2.9sI am what I am can see them all, but Here comes Don't Have a Cow...