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2.15sForgive me, Don Bartholomew.
3.52sWe tried to stop the kid, but he wouldn't quit. He went crazy.
2.89sProstitution, loan sharking, numbers--
3.47sThe kid liked to wet his beak in everything.
3.45sMr. Simpson, You've been the boy's father for 10 years.
3.7sDo you really think he could be the leader of a criminal syndicate?
3.29sWell, not the leader. I mean--
2.05sOh, it's true, it's true!
1.82sAll the pieces fit.
4.12sIn light of the damning testimony from your fellow gangsters, your father,
1.69syour teachers...
2.94sand a seemingly endless parade of emotionally shattered baby-sitters,
3.09s- this court has no choice but to-- - Stop!
2.05sPrincipal Skinner!
1.03sI thought he was dead.
3.79sI suppose you're all wondering where I've been. It all started a week ago.
4.14sI was at my desk, revising and updating the school dress code...
2.13swhen I was confronted by A gang of toughs...