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2.4sShut up, Flanders.
3.6sHey, Dad, how come we can't get a decent mower, like the Flanders have ?
4sjust be happy with what you've got, son. Don't try to keep up with the Flanders'.
2.97sWhoa !
2.4sHow do you like my new wheels, Simpson ?
3.64sOh, WOW, man ! What an RV !
3.64sBart ! Uh, I suppose it has, uh, various features.
2.77sOh, it's got everything-- microwave, dish washer,
3.07sbig screen TV, deep fryer and, oh, see up there on the roof ?
3.2sA satellite dish ! Yes, indeedly-doodly.
2.84sBut, uh, how can you afford something like this, Ned ?
4.04sI get your mail once in a while, and you make only $27 a week more than I do.