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1.8sWill you just pick it up already!
3.77sLook, They better not be expecting us to give money because I gave at church last Sunday,
2.17sand I'm pretty sure it all goes to the same God.
2.89sPeter! Max, it was nice of you to invite us along.
1.6sYour husband's got a good heart, Lois,
2.2sbut his views on Judaism are a little misguided.
2.22sI consider it a mitzvah to educate him a little.
1.03sNo, no, No.
1.48sI don't think so.
2.07sI-It's not that I have ideological differences,
1.7si--I'm just not a hat person.
3.79sHey, look! I didn't know the principal of Meg's school was Jewish.
1.97shey, There's Bill Nye, the Science Guy
2.05sand half of Lenny Kravitz.