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2.84sReally? Oh, honey.
0.92sAh, Hello.
2.45sThis is my special friend, Max Weinstein.
0.97sHe's Jewish.
2.49sOoh, My, how exotic.
1.02sThank you?
4.22sSee, here's your rainy day money and I balanced our checkbook, too.
1.83sYou balanced our checkbook?
1.7sYup. Isn't that right, Max?
3.14sHmm? Oh, Yeah, sure. He did it.
4.74sWell, I'm gonna go call my mother right now and tell her to tell that chimp across the street...
2.35sOh, Look how low I've sunk.
2.57staking credit for something a smart Jewish person did.
0.97sOh, That's ok, Peter.
1.1sNo, no, No.
1.83sPeople have been doing that for too damn long.
5.37sit is the white devil that has propagated exacerbated, instigated,
2.34sI-Instigated our hatred like a Buick.