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1.2sPeter, Play with this.
1.87sLook Sir, I have reviewed this contract,
1.74sand it offers no coverage at all.
1.55sIt just says "volcano insurance"
1.5sover and over again,
1.87sand down here in small print it says,
1.63s"He's signing it. He's signing it.
1.27s"I can't believe it."
2.07sSo just Refund this man's money and we'll be on our way.
1.58sI don't have your money!
1.77sHow about that money?
2.57sNo way! That's Lois' rainy day fund!
1.3sOh, Damn it!
1.8sSo You couldn't date her because she was a tickler.
1.07sA tickler.
1.5sAnd You're not a stickler for a tickler.
1.13sNot a stickler for a tickler.
1.03sNot a tickler stickler.
1.27sNot a tickler stickler.
1.37sTIckler, stickler, tIckler, stickler...
1.72sWhere the hell is the remote?
1.7sHey, honey, guess what?
1.75sI got back the money for Meg's glasses.
2.84sReally? Oh, honey.
0.92sAh, Hello.
2.45sThis is my special friend, Max Weinstein.
0.97sHe's Jewish.
2.49sOoh, My, how exotic.
1.02sThank you?
4.22sSee, here's your rainy day money and I balanced our checkbook, too.
1.83sYou balanced our checkbook?
1.7sYup. Isn't that right, Max?