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1.72sNip nip here, nip nip there
1.83sAnd a bevy of porno stars
2.05sThere's jugs and mugs of Molson beer
2.22sIn Canadian nudie bars
1.78sDirty hos put on shows
1.9sAnd a lot of 'em don't have scars
1.99sThey'll even take it up the nose
8.63sIn Canadian nudie bars You can touch and squeeze 'em They don't even care Would they even dye their pubes to match my hair?
3.47sUh-huh Color me there Do like me, say "Oui-Oui"
1.93sAnd tell them you're a friend of Bill Maher's
1.9sThat's how you'll get to watch them pee
1.97sIn Canadian nudie bars
1.6sHa-ha-ha-ha Ohh
2.2sA guy can get his hockey pucked
1.38sIn Canadian nudie bars
2.3sWow, that sounds amazing. It is.
4.24sAnd the best thing about Montreal strip clubs is you're never the most pathetic guy in the bar.
1.32sIf you weigh 300 pounds,
3.07sthey'll hire a guy to sit next to you who weighs 350 pounds.