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2.7sLois, I think you've done all you can.
1.5sHard as it is to admit,
2.49sit might be time to let Peter be where he belongs.
1.5sWhat do you mean, Brian?
2.47sWe might have to release Peter back into the wild.
2.1sWhat! We can't do that.
1.57sWe'll never see him again!
2.43sEh, enough time passes, you'll forget all about him.
3.07sJust like Inspector Gadget forgot about that one-night stand.
3sSuzanne, we have to talk. Okay.
1.97sSomeone has made contact with me.
4.1sSomeone from my past, and, well, long story short,
2.9sgo, go, Guatemalan son.
5.42s(GRUNTING) Peter, we all love you very much,
4.4sbut we think maybe this is where you belong and where you'll be happy.
1.25sThis is barely even a forest.
1.94sI can see an Arby's through the trees.
1.43sYou're free, Peter.
1.9sWhatever adventures lie ahead of you,