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2.37sGutsy question. You're a shark.
3.14sSharks are winners, and they don't look back, 'cause they don't have necks.
3.7sNecks are for sheep.
3.25sI am proud to be the shepherd of this herd of sharks,
4.45sand I am gonna lead you to the top in this industry of-- of--
2.54sPackage delivery. Package delivery?
3.07sOh, God! Fantastic!
2.09sNow, the first order of business...
2.57sis to blame everything on the guy before me.
3.9sProfessor? I'll ruin you like I ruined this company!
2.08sTerrific. Question number one--
1.93sWhat was your overall business plan?
3.95sBusiness plan, uh, yes.
2.9sI keep it here, right next to my heart.