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2.27sI could beg everyone at the company where I work.
3.54sAwesome. Awesome to the max!
4.94sAnd finally, the post office meter is for business mail only.
3.5sAh, come on! I've got a lot of ransom notes to send!
2.6sEnough talk! It's time for action!
4.37sI move that everyone come to my apartment to snuggle my cat.
2.91sI move that your cat stinks and is ugly.
1.74sI move that we vote on...
3.37sa new chief executive officer and oust this old creep!
2.59sAnd also that my cat smells good and is pretty.
2.9sVery well. I nominate the professor!
1.87s- Second. - Second. - Second. I'm your man!
2.34sI vote my 10,000 shares for the professor.