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2.37sYou didn't let me finish!
2.34sI was going to say "to get the free food!"
4.4sMy name's joe, and I'm a defrostee. Hello, Joe.
2.97sWhen I was frozen, giant carrots ruled the Earth.
3.1sBut now they don't. It takes some getting used to.
3.27sBack in the 1980s, I was the toast of Wall Street.
3.32sI was havin' whiskey with Boesky and cookies with Milken.
3.72sBut then, I was diagnosed with terminal bone-itis.
2.22sThat's a funny name for a horrible disease.
1.78sThere was no cure at the time.
2.27sOne drug company was close, but I arranged...
2.53sa hostile takeover and sold off all the assets.
4.25sMade a cool hundred mil.
2.63sNaturally, I froze myself until a cure was found.