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4.34sPlanet Express! Limitless potential, boundless horizons!
3.5sThe unstoppable juggernaut of the corporate universe!
3.12sIt's been a terrible year, people.
2.2sThe company is on the verge of bankruptcy.
1.77sOh, no. But the movie--
2.8sWas a substantial loss for the company.
4.07sThe blue pie slice represents the money we earned from shipping packages,
4.64swhile the green slice represents an $8.00 bank error in our favor.
2.07sThis toads the wet sprocket.
2.25sWhat about our thousands of shares of stock?
0.63sI'll kill you!
3.48sI own one share of Planet Kajigger,
2.23sso I'm entitled to some answers.
3.8sQuestion one: Why does no one visit me in my home?
3.74s'Cause your apartment smells like Poly Grip and cat pee!
3.75sThis is perfect for me!
3.74sQuestion. Do you have to have been cryogenically frozen to get the free--
2.37sYou didn't let me finish!