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4.07sNo shellfish! That is so unfair.
2.23sTell me about it.
2.9sSo, what's the deal? You guys don't believe in Robot-jesus?
2.87sWe believe he was built, and that he was a very well-programmed robot.
1.94sBut he wasn't our Messiah.
2.84sAnd so our company flames onwards.
4.34sPlanet Express! Limitless potential, boundless horizons!
3.5sThe unstoppable juggernaut of the corporate universe!
3.12sIt's been a terrible year, people.
2.2sThe company is on the verge of bankruptcy.
1.77sOh, no. But the movie--
2.8sWas a substantial loss for the company.
4.07sThe blue pie slice represents the money we earned from shipping packages,
4.64swhile the green slice represents an $8.00 bank error in our favor.
2.07sThis toads the wet sprocket.