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1.99sHere you go, Principal Skinner, Mrs. Skinner.
2.64sYou're actually giving everyone in town a Christmas present?
1.55sWhat's your angle, pervert?
3.4sOh-ho. My angle is "givin' in this world, livin' in the next!"
2.52sBut how can you afford all this on a widower's salary?
4.97sWell, actually I picked up some extra cash renting out my house to a fraternity.
4.8s(SCREAMING) ROD: Stay out of our medicine cabinet!
1.47sPathetic Flanders.
3.12sThinking he can buy people's love with thoughtful gifts.
3.17sCool! Mister Flanders gave me a Krusty brand Operation game.
3.27s(BUZZER SOUNDS) KRUSTY'S VOICE: You just tweezered my wang!
2.95sI'll show Flanders. I'm gonna give everyone a car.
2.7sWhat's that one good American car?
1.85sDad, you don't have to outdo Mister Flanders.
1.7sJust remember the spirit of the season.