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2.64sI just saw the greatest cartoon of all time.
4.07sIt was about a miser who was visited by three ghosts at Christmas.
1.12sAnd get this.
1.52sHe learns a lesson!
2.03sDad, what you saw was A Christmas Carol.
2.94sIt was written by Charles Dickens 160 years ago.
2.62sYeah. TV writers have been milking that goat for years.
2.02sReform, Ebenezer Urkel!
3.14sYou have alienated everyone who loved you!
1.08sDid I do that?
1.37sReport, Mr. Sulu.
3.1sCaptain, there appears to be some sort of spirit from an Earth holiday past.
2.37sMr. Scott, fire photon torpedoes.
3.35sIt's no use, Captain. He's showin' visions of me future.
1.37sGod, I'm so fat!
1.3sI said fire!
1.73sThat last one looked kind of good.
3.45sMarge, TV and nightmares have joined forces to teach me a lesson.
3.64sFrom now on, I will stop being selfish and start being good.
3.7sIn fact, I'll be the nicest man in town.
1.95sYou've made that promise before.
3.57sYes. But this time I'm sober-ish.