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2.79sjust 50 cents. I am your host, Bart Simpson.
2.39sYou must be at least eight years old to enter.
2.23sAnd now, the Top Hat Channel...
3.2sis honored to present Broadcast Nudes.
2.13sOoh !
2.04sGross ! Yet strangely compelling.
1.9s- Huh ? - It's a raid !
3.34sWhat the-- YOu-- Hey, you !
2.67sI know you ! Come back here !
4.62sBart ! You promised me you wouldn't watch that trash. Now go to your room !
0.37sMan, I wish I was an adult so I could break the rules.
4.15sOh, great.
3.9sHere, I brought some imported generic beer.
3.37sOh, thank you, Barney. How many people are coming, Homer ?