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1.03sShould I have my father arrested ?
3.74sWell, Lisa, on the surface that would appear to be an ideal solution to the problem.
5.81sBut remember the Fifth Commandment: "Honor thy father and thy mother."
4sHmm, Lisa, I would like to see you set an example...
2.54sby not watching the offending technology yourself.
2.15sThank you, Reverend Lovejoy.
2.39sYou're watching Top Hat Entertainment.
3.04sAdult programming all day, every day...
2.13sexcept in Florida and Utah.
3.1sComing up next: Stardust Mammaries.
4.7sBaby - I Ay, caramba ! Bart !
2.79sDad ! Oh, here's what I was looking for.
2.47sBlue chips closed up three and three-quarters.
3.09sOil service stocks slumped slightly on the news of--
2.55sSon, you shouldn't watch that other channel.
3.4sIt's only for mommies and daddies who love each other very much.
0.32sPromise me you won't watch that channel ever again.
0.49sPromise me !
2.58sI promise I will never watch that channel again.