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4.5sYeah, you heard me, Phil. Two measly, stinkin' grapes.
2.89sIf you didn't catch it in the theater, or rent it...
2.9sor see it someplace else, we've got it...
2.45sOn the blockbuster channel !
2.67sDad, why is the world such a cesspool of corruption ?
3.29sOh, great. All right, what makes you say that ?
2.42sWell, at Sunday school, we learned that stealing is a sin.
1.94sWell, duh. But everybody does it !
2.27sI mean, we're stealing cable as we speak.
2.2sOh-- Uh-- Look at it this way.
2.85sWhen you had breakfast this morning, did you pay for it ?
2.6sNo. And did you pay for those clothes you're wearing ?
4.59sNo, I didn't. Well, run for the hills before I call the feds !
2.68sDad, I think that's pretty spurious.
2.17sWell, thank you, honey.
2.97sFriday night, live from Las Vegas, the ultimate match-up:
0.24sOoh !
1.72sIt's Watson-Tatum II.
1.8sThis time... it's for money.
4.24sOh, boy ! Only on the Blockbuster Channel.