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4.82sI have an announcement to make. The Simpsons have cable !
2.03sCable ? We have cable ?
2.27sThat's right, 68 channels.
2.52sMTV for the kids, VH-1 for us.
4.22sSixteen hundred hours of quality programming every day !
2.37sHomer, we talked about cable before.
2.07sDo you really think we can afford it ?
2.84sNothing a month ? Yeah, I think we can swing that.
2.48sMmm. Are you sure this is legal ?
2.09sDon't worry, Marge. Take a look at this.
4.19s"Myth: it's only fair to pay for quality first-run movies.
5.49sFact: Most movies shown on cable get two stars or less and are repeated ad nauseam."
2.35sHmm, I don't know.
2.59sHear Me Roar, the network for women.
4.1sIn the next half hour, we'll show you how to cut your first-aid bill in half...