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1.92sOoh, Moses is back !
3.39sQuick ! Everybody look busy.
4.72sThe Lord has handed down to us Ten Commandments by which to live.
2.97sI will now read them in no particular order.
3.6s"Thou shalt not make any graven images."
1.3sOh, my God !
2.57s"Thou shalt not commit adultery."
2.17sAh, well. Looks like the party's over.
3.54sHey, Moses, keep 'em comin'.
2.13s"Thou shalt not steal."
0.3sDoh !
3.22sSorry, Homer.
3.99sThat is the most dishonest thing I've ever heard !
3.34sI should box your ears, you-you-you Sneaky Pete !
3.32sEasy, tiger. Hey, you easy ! Now, get off my property !
3.34sHey, Flanders, who put that bug up your butt ?
3.57sOhh. I wanted to subscribe to that new Arts and Crafts Channel.