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3.44sWe're just-- Whoa ! We're just wonderin' if we could watch the fight.
2.97sOh, sure, sure. Be my guest.
0.37sBring some more chairs.
3.17sLisa, I brought you some lemonade for your protest.
3.2sThanks, Mom. It doesn't seem to be going very well.
2.35sWell, don't give up. When you love somebody,
3.27syou have to have faith that in the end they will do the right thing.
1.97sThe challenger learned how to fight...
2.65sin the notorious projects of Capital City...
2.29sand honed his skills while serving time...
3.79sfor aggravated assault and manslaughter in Springfield Prison.
2.85sAll right ! A local boy !
2.45sFor five years I was incarcerated,
2.8saway from my family and the mother to my children.
2.44sThe conditions were irrevocable.