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2.79sIt's a chance to turn around all our stinkin' lives.
2.54sI'll be Gus, the loveable chimney sweep.
1.94sClean as a whistle. Sharp as a thistle.
2.7s- Best in all Westminster. Yeah! - Shut up, boy.
3.12sWe have places your family can hide in peace and security.
4.45sCape Fear, Terror Lake, New Horrorfield, Screamville.
0.45sOoh, Ice Creamville.
1.97sNo, Screamville.
1.28sTell you what, sir.
3.7sFrom now on, you'll be, uh, Homer Thompson at Terror Lake.
1.82sLet's just practice a bit, hmm?
3.44sWhen I say, "Hello, Mr. Thompson," you'll say, "Hi."
3.49s- Check. - Hello, Mr. Thompson.
3.2sRemember now-- your name is Homer Thompson.
0.65sI gotcha.
1.62sHello, Mr. Thompson.