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2.25sUh, doesn't work if you invite him. Hidilly-hey!
2.09sGo home. Toodilly-do.
2.77sNow don't you fret. When I'm through,
2.94she won't set foot in this town again.
3.87sI can be very, very persuasive.
0.65sCome on! Leave town!
2.13s- I'll be your friend. - No.
2.04sOh, you're mean.
2.22sThe following neighborhood residents...
3.8swill not be killed by me: Ned Flanders,
3.14sMaude Flanders. Oh, isn't that nice?
2.72sHomer Simpson, Marge Simpson,
2.95sLisa Simpson, that little baby Simpson.
3.65sThat is all. Whoo-hoo! Did you hear, Bart?
2.49sEh-- Oh.