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2.4sOh, goody! Whew! Saved by the bell. Whoa!
2.7sWhere do you think you're goin'?
2.14sOh, no. Lise, they got you too?
2.27sGot me? What are you talking about?
2.03s- I've been volunteering here For A year. - Hello!
1.7sLet's hear some numbers!
1.93sI got a nice diagonal goin' here.
3.6sYou sunk my battleship.
3.8sYou sunk my battleship.
2.37sOh! I got a bingo! What do I win?
0.57sA banana.
1.74sA whole one?
3.2sYep. That's the prize? A banana?
3.27sTheir natural mushiness prevents choking and promotes regularity.
2.5sThey're not babies, Lisa. Give 'em something fun--
1.94slike cigars or booze.
1.94sWe tried giving them eggnog at Christmas,
2.34sbut it led to widespread "de-shawling."
3.94sWell, that's what they get for wearing such tight little shawls.