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3.2sour mighty race was already 17 years old.
3.3sFor the first millisecond of time, things were okay,
4.35sbut then there arose a terrible enemy-- the Brain Spawn.
3sEver since, we have waged unceasing war...
2.17sagainst these dreadful--
4.44sLunch is ready. Then let the feast of a thousand hams begin!
3.42sSo why are these Brain Spawn attacking Earth, Nibbler?
2.74sThe Brain Spawn hate all consciousness.
2.82sThe thoughts of others screech at them like the forced laughs...
2.37sof a billion art-house movie patrons.
3.15sThus they travel from world to world, making everyone stupid...
2.97sin order to wipe out all thought in the universe.
4.24sWipe out all thought? My God! They're like flying televisions!
2.65sAnd even we are powerless to stop them,
3.32sfearsome though we are.