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4.19sIf this is some kind of scam, I don't get it. You already have my power of attorney.
4.49sFry! My skin!
2.12sOw! Ow! Ow!
2.52sI'm a genius. Ow! Ow!
2.92sDr. Zoidberg, why is everyone acting so weird?
2.69sZoidbee want balloon. Want balloon now!
2.19sZoidbee want go outside!
2.08sAh, I just let you back in!
1.74sThis is unbelievable.
4.34sI thought you were a furry little moron, but here you are flying an adorable spaceship.
0.65sIf only you could talk.
4.84sWait! I understood that.
2.97sYou say you're transmitting your thoughts directly to my brain?
3.9sYou say those awful flying brains are making everyone on Earth stupid?
2.17sOh! Stupider.
3.04sAnd you go on to say that we're headed for your home planet,