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0.65sLeela back yet?
2.89sFry, help me! My heart stopped beating!
4.14sYou don't have a heart. You're a robot. Sure. Right.
4.04sRobot. Oh, Fry, my skin's all dry and clanky!
2.5sWell, yeah. Robots are made of metal.
2.2sAm I a robot?
4.19sIf this is some kind of scam, I don't get it. You already have my power of attorney.
4.49sFry! My skin!
2.12sOw! Ow! Ow!
2.52sI'm a genius. Ow! Ow!
2.92sDr. Zoidberg, why is everyone acting so weird?
2.69sZoidbee want balloon. Want balloon now!
2.19sZoidbee want go outside!
2.08sAh, I just let you back in!
1.74sThis is unbelievable.