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1.9sDon't listen to them!
3.05sPeople said I was dumb, but I proved them.
1.6sGood news, everyone!
3.5sWe were supposed to make a delivery to the planet Tweenis 12,
2.3sbut it's been completely destroyed.
0.63sWhy is that good news?
1.87sThey paid in advance.
0.61sExcuse me.
2.18sThis is mighty strange.
2.85sFirst the civilization of Space Rome collapsed,
2.37sthen Don Martin Iii went kerflooey,
1.93sand now Tweenis 12.
2.43sLooks like this planet is next in line.
1.32sThat's Earth.
0.66sThe planet we live on?
3.12sI'd hate to be those guys.
2.02sOoh! What's got into him?
2.8sHe's twitching like Zoidberg when someone mentions the word "food."
1.95sWhat now?
3.78sNo! Nibbler, come back!