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3.55sHey, thinking hurts him. Maybe I can think of a way to use that.
1.91sAha! Prepare to be thought at!
3.05s- Leela, give me a topic. - Duh!
2.33sSeriously. I can't think of anything.
2.07sI gotta find something to make me think.
3.47sHardy Boys. Too easy. Nancy Drew. Too hard.
2.89sAh! Perfect. Bonfire of the Vanities!
3.37sNo! It's unbearable!
3.67sThe brains are weakening. Nibblonians to Nibble stations.
2.95sPrepare Cuddle Bug for deployment in 40 nibblets.
2.47sSometimes I fear we are cute.
1.94sOh, niggle-snoosh!
2.64sTake that! And that!
2.53sThis sentence I don't understand, but take this one!
2.82sYou have not won yet.
3.62sEach book in this room is a gateway to a mental realm,
3.9sand I shall take you there and imprison you forever!