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2.77sNo, no, no. You are big boom. Big hero.
2.37sOkay, right. So I throw backpack,
2.54scome back and have big hero party with many virgins.
5.04sNo, no, no, no, no. You boom! Okay, okay. I put on backpack, boom.
3.04sThen I come back, be hero, virgins.
2.6sOkay, yeah, see you in a few minutes, big hero.
1.83sMAN ON RADIO: Unit 17, this is base. Please report.
2.84s10-four, everything is Charlie 40 60. What does that mean?
2.3sI don't know. I just thought you're supposed to say names and numbers.
1.33sNobody's corrected me so far.
2.6s(EXPLOSION) (SCREAMING) What the hell was that?
3.4sHelp, help! I mean Charlie, Tango, Cash,
2.84s47 Victor Charlie, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman!
1.93sMAN ON RADIO: Roger that. We're moving to your position.
3.7sChris, your father and I are very upset by this new attitude of yours.
2.23sI don't care what you think of me!
1.23sOh, God. I envy that.
2.67sI am so self-conscious about what people think of me.
1.7sI am out of here.
3.7sYou know, I think I may have an idea what's causing his behavior, Peter.