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3.14sMAN 1: You know, it's really hard to masturbate with you guys talking.
1.77sMAN 2: Not for me!
5.54sEvil, evil monkey Chris, will you knock that off for two minutes?
2.87sWe want to talk to you. Take five, guys.
1.57sWhat do you buttheads want?
1.87sYou've been playing with your friends long enough.
2.57sNow it's time for you to come inside and do your homework.
2.57sIt's time for you to piss off, redhead. What?
2.2sHey, hey, Chris, don't talk to your mother that way.
3sOh, way to stand up for your woman there, fatty.
2.63sChris, what the hell is going on with you lately?
1.57sEver since you hooked up with this band,
2.97syou're like a completely different person, and I don't like it one bit.
3.87sI am expressing myself! Now, get out of my way!
1.6sI'm going to the park to loiter.
2.57sWhat the hell is his problem? I don't know.
3.54sHe's acting worse than you did when you tried to cover your farts by coughing.