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3.9s(EXCLAIMING) I mean, go back the way I came. I didn't take my hand off the page.
2.37sYou seen it, Lois, right? You seen my hand on the page.
1.27sYeah, Peter, I seen it.
2.97s(HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYING) Oh, no, not again.
2.3sYou know, I'm glad Chris found an activity he likes,
1.97sbut why do they have to use our garage?
2.77sCome on, Lois, sometimes kids can be a handful.
2.03sLook at Gregory Peck's kids.
2.67sAre we there yet? It's crowded back here.
3.5sStop touching me. Your leg is rubbing up against mine.
3.74sHey! Quiet down or I'm pulling over. Stop breathing on the window.
3.57sYou idiot, that's condensation. It's on the outside.
3.04sThat's it! I will come back there and, so help me God,
1.47sI will hit you with my ring hand.
1sWhat the hell are you doing?
1.43sWhat does it look like I'm doing? I'm leaving.
2.07sYou can't leave, man. That's desertion.
3.4sThey'll come after you, like Peter went after that hockey coach.
1.57sOh, no clip?