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3.34sOkay, they're dead, all right? We're not gonna be seeing them again.
6.67sMy God, you are the sorriest bunch of rejects I ever seen, and I've seen The Bangles in concert.
2.43sYou! Where are you from, boy? Quahog.
3.4sThey only got two things in Quahog. Steers and queers!
3.4sI don't see no horns on you. What does that make you, boy?
1.13sQueer? Right!
1.6sOh, I got it? Yeah.
2.6sYou find something funny, Private Dancer?
2.9sDancer for money, any old music will do.
3.07sWell, actually, yeah. Your last little back-and-forth there with Stewie,
3.17sthat whole queer thing, that was actually pretty funny.
1.53sOh, God!
3.87sThat's gotta hurt worse than getting a birthday telegram from Zinedine Zidane.