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1.17sJust something to distract him.
3.74sYou know, like all of America gets distracted whenever a cute white girl dies.
3.8sWe regret to report that not all the children on board the school bus survived.
3.87sWe have identified the body of one victim, nine-year-old Becky Gunderson.
4.87s(ALL EXCLAIMING) No, wait, that's, uh, Becky Gutierrez. That's not news.
3.07sBrian, did you see Revenge of the Sith? Yeah, I saw part of it.
3.1s- Why does Emperor Palpatine have a desk? - Huh?
2.7sYou know that scene where Yoda comes in and they are about to have that big fight?
2.2sEmperor Palpatine clearly gets up from his desk.
2.7sI mean, I'm just saying, what does he, what does he need a desk for?
1.74sWho the hell cares?
2.77sI'm just saying, it's weird. I mean, like, what was he doing at his desk?
1.57sLike, right before Yoda walked in.
1.57sWhat was he doing? Was he doing paperwork?
2.27sWas he, like, "Oh, Yoda. What do you need,
2.94s"and will it take longer than five minutes? I'm absolutely swamped.
3.94s"These requisition forms for new TIE fighters "have to be down to Debbie in accounting by 6:00,
2.64s"or Nute Gunray is gonna pitch a tent in my waiting room."
2.64s(TIRES SCREECH) Brian, what are you doing?