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2.37sYou stole that. I read that in The Onion. About the war in Iraq.
3.7sWell, if that's true, then I'd say they've got some sharp cookies over at...
1.07sWhat is it again? The Onion?
1.77sSo if I go up to your room right now,
1.67sI'm not gonna find a copy of The Onion, right?
2.5s(SCREAMS) Damn it! That's what I thought.
2.87sMAN ON TV: Coming this fall, if you loved Everybody Loves Raymond,
3.6sthen you'll love his brother Robert even more, in Robert.
2.77sI bet you Debra really gave it to Ray today.
3.9sI bet you she made a sandwich that wasn't very good, but he ate it anyway.
3.14sAnd then she got mad at him 'cause he gave her a funny look.
1.6sI miss Ray.
6.41s(GROANS) I can't believe Chris would just buy into that army recruiter's sales pitch.
2.33sWe can't let him enlist. Don't worry, Lois.
2.97sAll he needs is an after-school activity to get his mind off the army.
1.17sJust something to distract him.
3.74sYou know, like all of America gets distracted whenever a cute white girl dies.
3.8sWe regret to report that not all the children on board the school bus survived.